Success Stories

Lower Back
Arthritis in both shoulders

I have been dealing with two severe pain problems for years and the search has been on for the best doctors to help relieve my back and shoulder pain. After finding supposedly the top chiropractors in their field, with famous patients like Arnold Swartzenegger and Tom Cruise, to my disappointment I got very little response from these two doctors. Then I hit gold when I found Dr. Nathan Shadle. There is absolutely no doubt that Dr. Shadle's approach to treat my shoulder and back problems puts him at the top of my chiropractic list!

Sid Krofft, Sid and Marty Krofft Productions

Frozen Shouder

I sought Dr. Shadle out because of a "frozen shoulder." My left arm was almost immobile. I can now move my arm! Over time, I saw my arm movement steadily increase and the pain steadily decrease. He never pushed too hard. He patiently and thoroughly described what he was doing, why he was doing it, and what kind of effect the therapy should have.

I have mobility in my left arm and virtually no pain for the first time in almost 1½ years. He taught me several exercises so that I can retain the mobility. I also told him of other problems I had following my lower back surgery nearly five years ago. He taught me exercises to keep my back loose and flexible. I cannot stress enough how much Dr. Shadle's positive attitude, attentiveness and promptness have helped make a process I dreaded turn into one that was quite pleasant. Thanks!

Larry Elder, Talk Show Host, Author



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